Vey Plays CMJ!

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Show coming up in a few weeks here in Brooklyn! We're playing Close Encounters' CMJ slot over at Legion on October 18th. Check it out!


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We’ve got our first two remixes!

Pitzel Remix by Steffan Pitzel
2Crosses4Eyes Remix
by Pat Fee

I’ll continue to post these in the “REMIX OY VEY” tab on our site as they come through. Also I’ve posted the first six songs track files there for all to download.

Wanna try remixing our song?

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So, I’d been thinking about doing this for a while. In honor of our TV spot we landed tomorrow on MTV’s “Awkward”, I’m posting all the original track files for “When I Was Young” online.


The deal is this: We recorded this whole album at home on my computer in my crappy little one bedroom apartment I was living in while I was out in Chicago. We didn’t have much of a budget to make this album, but we had a lot of time. So we layered the everloving bejezus out of our songs with every little dance pop rock idea we could come up with, until the thing was saturated to capacity. Then over the course of mixing the thing I spent a whole bunch of hours figuring out exactly how I could squeeze all those ideas into one mix, and our result was the album “Recession Girls”.

But I’ve got all these project files now for these songs, and each song has around 70 or 80 tracks on it. Tons of this stuff didn’t make it into the final cut, or was deeply buried. And I’ve always wondered to myself what the record would have sounded like if I hadn’t mixed it myself. So on the very off chance that anyone might be interested in taking a crack at it, I’m posting all the unmixed tracks for “When I Was Young” for whoever wants to give it a try. If there’s any further interest I’ll post the rest of the album at a later date.

Be warned, you’ll need a computer with a lot of RAM and multi tracking program that can handle that many channels of audio to work with all the tracks at once, and I took off all of our guitar amp simulators, so the guitar audio is the direct signal coming out of the guitar and nothing more. Those can be patched through guitar simulator plug-ins, or (if you’re especially adventurous) re-amped.

Bon appetit.

Oy Vey To Be Featured on MTV’s “Awkward.”

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Hey dudes,

Our song, ‘When I Was Young’ is gonna be featured on the MTV show “Awkward.” on August 2nd @ 10:30 PM. Make sure to tune in!

Watch it on the internet.


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Video for “The Horse’s Mouth”

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Horse’s Mouth Video:


Recession Girls to drop on V-Day!

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Alright world, here comes “Recession Girls”! Hope you’re ready for it. The official album release is coming your way this Tuesday, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Til then, here’s the “When I Was Young Video”!

“The Brooklyn Side” video and single released

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The first single off “Recession Girls”, available for free download. Go ahead and grab it. We make this for you.


The Great Johnny Rabb

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Johnny Rabb, and the first sample off our forthcoming sophomore album, “Recession Girls”. This is us tracking “The Horse’s Mouth” with him this past January at Strobe Studios with Steve Stokes.

All thirteen tracks off “Recession Girls” feature the mysterious and wonderful Johnny Rabb. We tracked with him in the early spring and are in the process of setting up some live shows with him this coming winter. Rabb is one of the finest drummers to ever live and one of my all time favorite humans. We had way too good of a time in the studio knocking those puppies out, and – dammit-  I just wanna be around him.

Check out more of his videos online. They will blow your mind.


Much love to the blogosphere!

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the internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks

Hey there!

Been a long while since the last update, for which we here at the Oy Vey company sincerely apologize. There is much to report on however, so here we go.

First of all, we’ve gotten a big blast of support from the internets over the past few months for Botanical, and I want to give a big thanks to all the blogs that gave us support, as well as to Green Light Go, who helped us reach out to y’all. Its been very encouraging getting feedback on Botanical, which honestly started as a very modest home demo, then grew all out of proportion. We wanted to re-post some of what people had to say about the album here and, once again, give our humblest thanks to all you guys out there across the country that gave it a listen and wrote about us.

* Trainwreckdsociety

“Thankfully for all of us, the boys have gotten their act together (all pun intended) and do not show any signs of losing the relentless spirit that makes them so damn brilliant. Ladies and gentlemen, we might have found the obvious breakthrough group of 2011.” (August 20, 2011).

* The Aquarian Weekly

“Electronic power pop duo Oy Vey will take the listener on a ride that they won’t soon forget with their debut album, Botanical Curiosity…Overall Oy Vey mixes electronic bands like MGMT with alternative bands like Weezer and puts their own spin on the sound to breathe a breath of fresh air into this summer’s releases.” (August 17, 2011).

* Aiding & Abetting

“Some bands have it, and some don’t. Some know how to take a time-tested sound and create something new within it. And some band simply know how to write songs. Oy Vey is all three of those–and a fair bit more. A glorious whirl.” (August 2011).

* Musoscribe- Bill Kopp’s Music Blog

“…an organic songwriting approach with a strong sense of dynamics and melody makes this a winner. The songs hook the listener quickly and then the go someplace. That’s a quality which is often in short supply; but not here.” (August 2011).

* CHARTattack

“”Idiot” appears on that album, and it recalls artists like The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and other similarly minded indie rock bands. The duo are working on a new LP dubbed Recession Girls.” (July 29, 2011).

* A Media Mindset

“”['White Lies' is] an energetic number clearly based in the worlds of both pop and rock. But underneath the rolling drums and glistening guitar licks, there’s a dusting of electro-pop that should speak to fans of MGMT, Holy Ghost and Diamond Rings…Give it a spin.” (July 9, 2011).

* The Devil Has The Best Tuna

“…the duo have crafted a sound that belies it’s boudoir beginnings. It’s an album positively bristling with energy and soaring harmonies with power and more hooks than a Peter Pan convention. …Oy Vey are on their way.” (July 19, 2011).


“…Oy Vey’s first album…creates an amazing first impression…creative lyrics and energetic and fun melodies immediately puts the listener into a good mood. Each song can stand alone as a great single and would go well in any roadtrip mix. Give them a listen and a look.” (June 29, 2011).